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We made it to 4D!

A spiritual friend and I do different channeling sessions together to either channel each other's spiritual teams or to get universal messages. In this session we channeled a group that call themselves "The One." They are a group of beings (some that have a physical body and some that do not) from the 7th - 18th dimension. They wanted to share that we have recently moved into the 4D portal travelling to 5D. There were 52 different factors that had to come together in perfect alignment and it happened! They had tried this two years ago and were not successful so these last few days have definitely been a celebration of sorts. It's like one leg of our journey is now complete. See the image below for what this looks like.

What "The One" wants you to know:

1. How fast that we travel in this portal is dependent partially on us. The higher our frequencies, the quicker we move through the portal.

2. It's time to allow your whole self to shine as bright as you can.

3. It's time to unite with other lightworkers and let's build each other up! #lightworkersunite

4. Whatever you have felt you can let go, now is the time. Anything that you try to hold onto that is no longer for your greatest and best good will only hold us all back.

5. It's time to fill up on love, peace, and joy and to live in these emotions as much as possible.



For the original Facebook Live video, click here to join my private group:

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Sep 23, 2021

Thaank you for writing this

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