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Experience a personal journey unlike any other.  Align to your soul purpose in a way that is uniquely your own.  Much of the content is channeled direct from Laura's team and has taken well over a year to create and finesse.  Find weekly support through Zoom Calls, a private Facebook group, and an online learning portal accessible at any time at your own pace.

Part one
Week One

- Grounding

- Cutting Cords 

- Boundaries

- Meditation Exercise

- Emotions and the Core of our Being

Week Two

- Aura Cleansing and Balancing

- Vortex Meditation
- Frequency Boosts

- Call upon your Ancestors

- Healing Crystalline Journey


Part two

your abilities


Week Three

- The 8 Clair Senses

- Experience your Spiritual Team

- Accessing the Quantum Field

- How to Manifest

Week Four 

- Crystal Quartz Meditation

- Rainbow Light Activation

- Golden Light Activation


Part three

Week Five

- Learning the Akashic Records for yourself

- Learning the Akashic Records for others

- Practice Akashic Readings

Week Six

- Learning how to do readings for other people

- Practice Readings

Week Seven

- Learning automatic writing and channeling 

- Art as a way of channeling and releasing

- Earth Grid Meditation


This course is valued well above $2,000 and the cost of the course is $333.00. Payment plans available.

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