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CLASSES + Journeys

healing crystalline journey

Are you looking to a dive deeper into your own personal healing and activate aspects of your crystalline light body?

This is a three part experience that includes learning about emotions and energy on a quantum level, a healing crystalline guided hypnosis journey with custom music, and a rainbow light activation which is a channeled experience direct from Laura's spiritual team with specific healing tones to clear chakras, activating more of the crystalline light body.

learning the akashic records + Accessing the quantum field

Have you wanted to learn how to access higher realms of information for guidance for yourself and others?

Would you like to feel like you have tools to be empowered to receive high vibrational guidance in your life?




Have you felt on the brink of a new reality for yourself, but you aren't sure where to begin? 


Are you looking for tools that can allow you to rise above the lower vibrations and connect to your soul purpose in life?

Are you feeling ready to re-learn your gifts and abilities and integrate them into your life?

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