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Discovery Call
15 min

Is a 1 on 1 session or a reading better for you?  Not sure where to begin?  I would love to chat to discuss any questions you might have!

Spiritual 1 on 1 Session
1 hr
Prices Vary

Are you getting serious about spirituality but not sure about your next step?  I enjoy sharing my knowledge to empower and inform so you find that next step on your journey through 1 on 1 coaching sessions.

Spiritual Design Consultation
30 min

Do you have a spare room that you have wanted to convert
into a high vibe space?  i would love to work with you and help.

Clauraudient Medium Reading
30 min

One hour reading total.  I do part of the reading 30 minutes before our call.  All I need is a new selfie of you to get started.  I hear messages as my main form of receiving but I also visually see with my third eye.

Akashic Records Reading
30 min

One hour reading total.  I do part of the reading 30 minutes before our call.  The Akashic Records, or "The Book of Life" can be equated to the universe's "super-computer" system or "library of infinite knowledge."  The readings access a high plane of knowledge to give you answers to your questions.

Spiritual Team Channeling
1 hr

Are you looking for a real-time conversation with your spiritual team?  Get your questions answered and chat directly with your spiritual team as Laura channels live for you on a Zoom call.

QHHT Session
6 hr

An amazing technique created by Dolores Cannon that takes you through past lives and connects you directly to your higher self to get your questions answered.  $150 deposit minimum to secure your appointment, the remainder given at time of session (cash, check, or credit card via square pay accepted).  Payment plans available upon request.

Group Past Life Regression
2 hr 30 min
$30 per Participant

A fun and relaxing group experience created by Dolores Cannon that takes you to a past life, to meet your spirit guide or guardian angel, and into a future life.  Payment for one participant required to secure date and time.  Once received, I will follow up with you to work through details and participant count.