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find your sacred geometry symbol

Use your own intuition to pick a card that resonates with you. 
Learn about the origins and qualities of your unique symbol.

Starry Sky
channeled messages

I channel universal messages from a group called the Crystalline Collective who are 9th - 11th dimensional beings.

vortex meditation

This is a great meditation for when you first wake up.  It grounds you into the earth and balances your chakras while also connecting you to your soul self.    Operating from your soul self allows anxiety, judgement, and other low vibration feelings to dissolve away.  It also opens up the laws of attraction and manifesting your future when you operate from your soul self.

aura cleansing and balancing

This meditation will bring your aura to a healthy and vibrant state.  A violet flame clears away any lower frequency energies into a natural higher frequency energy state.  You can also choose during the meditation to add a violet energy at the edge of our aura for added energetic protection.

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