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A little about me

Me in a bucket

I grew up on the east side of the state in Michigan in a town called Bay City. I started hearing spirit when I was young and knew it wasn't me because it sounded different than my normal internal voice, although I didn't realize until much later in life what it was. I have always been empathic and quite sensitive to the energies around me. I experienced quite a lot of emotional and physical trauma as a child and vowed to myself at a young age that I would create a life of peace and without violence in my life. I pushed myself a lot as a child to not be so shy and have so much anxiety and hide in closets (quite literally). I had a time where all of my gifts shut down and I wouldn't learn them again until much later in life.

After high school, I moved to Grand Rapids to go to Kendall College of Art and Design for Interior Design. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2006 and moved down to Atlanta to work at and Architecture and Design Firm as an Interior Designer. I worked there for a year and transferred to their Chicago office and worked there for a couple years. I received the opportunity to come back to Grand Rapids and work for Steelcase in 2009 on a ground-breaking project so I took the opportunity. I have been working in the Grand Rapids area for myself as a consultant or through Architecture and Design firms since 2009. I have had the opportunity to travel and work in many wonderful places on Steelcase projects; Portland, OR, Mexico City, MX, and Munich, DE were some of my favorites.