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Clear Quartz Crystal Meditation

I love this meditation and I had to share!

Quartz crystals are psychological and spiritual healing tools. They create a path for the light to flow from the higher chakras into the hundreds of Meridian points. These are energy points in the etheric body that affect the endocrine system and nourish the physical body's cells, bones, muscles, and organs. The quartz crystal energy will balance the body and assist in clearing any blockages. Most importantly, the chi or life force energy is increased helping the immune system to heal the body.

You can use either the image of the clear quartz crystal above (I tried to take a decent photo of mine, lol) or hold a clear quartz crystal that you have in your hand.

1. Look at the clear quartz crystal and breath in, then exhale twice as long. Give yourself permission to let go and relax. Close your eyes naturally and sit quietly with the breath and let it flow in and out.

2. Then take another breath in and imagine a clear light coming in through the top of your head and flowing to your root chakra at the bottom of your spine, below your tailbone. Continue flowing this energy up and down your spine.

3. Silently say the affirmation "I AM a Spiritual Being of Light. I AM a Spiritual Being of Light." Continue to say this and let the other thoughts come and go while imagining the clear light from the quartz crystal moving up and down your spine. Feel every cell in your body radiating healing energy, warmth, and light.

Do this for as long as you would like, work up to 15-20 minutes when you can for maximum benefits.

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