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Energy Update 2020

1. Divine feminine energy has moved in. If she were a person, she has unpacked her bags and is planning to stay a while. What this means is more feeling, more heart centered-ness, and more perception is available for everyone.

2. The “glass ceiling” of our reality has been broken, new possibilities and abilities are available to us that were not before. There is unlimited potential. This is a perfect time to work on manifesting or practicing extrasensory abilities.

3. The 144,000 lightworkers are activating in even more capacity right now and multiple waves of energy on an almost hourly basis are moving in. You can request a speed up or slow down of how fast this energy moves in if the physical sensations get too intense.

4. Linear thinking is being dissolved. When you think of a problem, you are now capable of not just simply cracking the shell and getting to the core of the problem, but being able to look at the problem in 3D. You have the ability to zoom around the problem and look from all angles. You can come up with new solutions very easily from this perspective.

5. There will be waves of changes moving onto the earth. Everything is playing out intentionally. Look within and connect to your higher selves and your spiritual guides for clarity and answers.

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