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Lightworkers Unite

The group I channel is a 9th to 11th dimensional group that call themselves the Crystalline Collective. They prompted me to share this universal message today, enjoy!

Lightworkers of the world, we are asking you to let go of any differences that you may have with other lightworkers. You all came here for different missions and may heal in different ways, but know that it’s time for all of you to come together and unite as a single collective. Build other lightworkers up, raise and support each other, catapult each other into such love, appreciation, and bliss. Everyone’s journey is a little different, we all follow what innately feels right so we ask you to look at your fellow lightworkers with such compassion and grace. Know that you have both found something that really resonated with you and allowed you to flourish. As you know, things are continuing to shift and during this process, it’s important that we come together even more and support one another. Don’t allow the illusion of isolation to cloud the true essence of someone. Don’t allow judgement, that 3D way of thinking, to limit you or your way of thinking of others around you.

Unite any and all who choose to be in the light. Unity and unity consciousness is what will move us quicker than ever into absolutely beautiful and blissful realities, why should we wait any longer? We are truly only waiting for a frequency shift to move into 5D reality, everything else is in place. The shift can begin with us. #lightworkersunite

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